Success Story Video: Patient Pam, Meet Les the Listener

Posted by Leticia, 20 Sep

Pam had tried online dating sites before, so she wasn’t exactly a stranger to the whole experience. Still, she signed up on our site to “try something new.” She wasn’t really that concerned about making a connection right away. Pam had patience and was brimming with confidence, too. “I knew it would happen in time,” she says.

Steady as she goes! Les was the opposite, though. Before meeting Pam, he wasn’t confident at all. “This was my first time with online dating,” he explains. He’s not sure he would have attempted this endeavor at all, if he hadn’t been urged to. “A friend told me to try,” he says.

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Watch their perfect story as summarized by the one, Christelyn Karazin:

Les had been on the site about six months when he noticed the profile belonging to “Pam99.” Smitten, he gushes about this gal’s beauty. What she wrote also left an impression on him. “She seemed down to earth,” Les notes. So under the username “5New55,” Les reached out with a Flirt.

Pam’s patience had been tested a bit, by this point. She’d been with us a full year and not come much closer to finding the mate she was seeking. Things began looking up when she perused Les’ profile. She liked what she saw… “It was his picture,” Pam points out. “And his values.”

He’d definitely sparked her interest, so they started talking. Still, the pair communicated “for a while,” Pam admits, before deciding they were ready to meet face to face. As she remembers it, “We met where he lived and went out for sushi.”

On the evening in question, Les took one look at this lady and thought, “Wow! She’s fine!” Pam had a similar reaction to him. “I thought he was even more handsome than in his pics,” she puts out there.

What was the most surprising thing about their first date? Pam doesn’t hesitate. “How much fun we had!” Adds Les, in a tone of happy wonderment, “We seemed to click instantly!” They were both 100% sure they were going out again.

Getting to know each other better over the course of subsequent dates, Pam discovered something about Les that hadn’t come across in his profile: “What an awesome dad he is.” Seeing him with his kids made her appreciate Les even more. If Les were to list Pam’s many good qualities, this one might not top the list, but it does matter. “How punctual she is,” he notes with a laugh. Pam’s considerate nature makes her all the more special to him.

When asked how closely they match up with each other’s “type,” both singles smile. “Pretty similar,” Pam acknowledges, while Les nods in agreement. And when asked if they’ve had to overcome any obstacles in their path to love, they answer in unison, “DISTANCE!”

That’s often a challenge faced by online daters around the world. But these two agree that their relationship is more than worth it. How has love changed their lives? “I’m hopeful again,” Pam declares. Les smiles. “I’m content.”

Pam has some advice for everyone reading. “Take your time...don't rush into anything.” Les offers something else. “Talk on the phone a LOT. Ask a lot of questions...even the nosy ones.”

The more Pam and Les learned about each other, the more they liked their chances of building a lasting love.

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  1.   Henrymin says:
    Posted: 12 Apr 18

    Congrats to u guys

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  2.   Malakcliare says:
    Posted: 26 Apr 17

    Wish you the best

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  3.   kweya says:
    Posted: 07 Nov 16

    I wish you good luck, may the lo rd God blessed you

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  4.   lovelead91 says:
    Posted: 30 Sep 16

    I so wish to find my Mr Right too

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  5.   Delary says:
    Posted: 26 Sep 16

    I wish Pam and Les all the best

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