Stuck in her

Posted by James, 06 Oct

stuck.jpgMost of us have heard of dogs getting stuck (locked up if you like) while mating. They have something like a knot in their penis and when the male ejaculates the knot moves toward the top and prevents them from coming apart. The result of this, is a scene you will die laughing at… dogs turning around back to back trying to pull themselves apart… unsuccessfully. A little warm water usually does the trick to help separate them and this pairing is a good sign… it means successful breeding. Expect puppies.

So how do you explain it when it happens to human beings? In a fiasco that happened in Kenya, a lawyer and a student were found in a motel room stuck together during sex. The two had to be rushed to hospital for disengagement. Luckily for the lawyer, the girl was over 18 so no charges were brought against him.

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A similar incident also happened to a Malaysian couple (woman 50 and husband 60) who had grown “abnormally excited᾿ as a result of a Viagra-like aphrodisiac. The man was unable to disengage and had to shout for help. Luckily enough, the pair who then looked like pornographic Siamese twins were rescued by neighbors and rushed to hospital. The woman was given an injection and the man finally managed to withdraw.

I mentioned this to a pal of mine from Kenya and she told me that this kind of thing is usually associated with witchcraft. She told me that one time a man did some voodoo on his wife because he suspected her of having an affair....well he got his evidence… by way of two locked up lovers with no escape from each other.

Strange? Yes. But witchcraft? Well I don’t believe in that crap. But is there some biological explanation for this? Maybe the lawyer had some Viagra-like aphrodisiac too. Go easy on it fellas. Trust me, you don't want to get taken away in an ambulance with the laughter paramedics ringing in your ears or having the neighbors point you out when you get back home ;-)

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 16 Jun 10

    I am sure this is no laughing matter when (and if) it actually happens. I have to agree with the comments expressed above.

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  2.   bigeyes31 says:
    Posted: 25 Feb 10

    This is totally stupid and only a waste of time. If I wanted such idiotic subjects to discuss, I would travel to Utopia and not be able to get over losing the battles I picked. James, when you pick topics please use more logic. Peace

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  3.   jayzgurl says:
    Posted: 07 Nov 07

    I can't believe that this is a topic of discussion. I was hoping for some real medical insight into a serious condition. Yeah, right. It happens how often????

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  4.   silvertop says:
    Posted: 25 Oct 07

    Now this article was most interesting. I am curious as to why was there a panic for the humans to disconnect. Is it that the situation was out of the realms of what is comfortable and the expectation of intimacy? I can imagine the awkward feeling but why didnt that take that moment to relax?

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