Stop patting racism on the back! Stopping it starts with you!

Posted by James, 08 Aug 15

adam goodes stand on racismAustralian Swan's star Adam Goodes has been trending lately. The 35 year old veteran has been caught up in the middle when it comes to race relations. And as a result he has been referred to as a "perpetual victim and a sook," something he refuses to stand for.

The thing is, Goodes has been booed severally by the crowds at AFL games, was once called an ape by a teenage girl, has allegedly been told by someone in the crowd to "get back to the zoo". So are we really right to say he "plays the victim" as Radio shock jock Alan Jones called him?

Collingwood president and broadcaster Eddie McGuire made on-air remarks vilifying Adam Goodes a year ago, and AFL were warned about not taking a strong position against him. Player manager Peter Jess, the accountant managing AFL footballer’s financial affairs thinks if AFL would have taken a stronger stance, the booing of Goodes by crowds at the game this season, wouldn’t have happened.

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McGuire jokingly suggested on Melbourne radio that Goodes could help promote a musical production of King Kong. He apologized wholeheartedly shortly for the remark, calling it a “two-second slip of the tongue.’’ At least he acknowledged that his remarks were racial vilification. But much as we may want to call it casual racism, does this mean that we can tolerate it?

I think if racist remarks are made, the first and noble thing to do is acknowledge these remarks and not sweep them under the rug. And I think its great that Goodes spearheads the campaign dubbed: "Racism: It Stops with Me".

Yes! Racism stops with all of us. We cant call it jokes. We cant call it ignorance. Racism is racism. And we should all take a zero tolerance approach as opposed to patting it on the back in the name of "jokes".

So let's not say Adam just claims to be a victim because he is a victim; he isn't imagining it. If its racist, its racist. And yes! It stops with me!!!

Here is the video of his campaign:

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  1.   PixesDust says:
    Posted: 03 Oct 15

    I'm not patting racism on the back neither am i laying down with it. To all the closet racism on this site. As a black woman i'm will never be your favor of the week.

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  2.   Al-7 says:
    Posted: 07 Sep 15

    Proud to be living in Adams country of 60000 year old culture

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