Sex 3.0

Posted by Jordan, 15 Jul

When J J Roberts, a former rock journalist from England decided to ditch the standard script of conventional dating or what he terms "fenced relationships" and decided to explore sexual relationships not based on enforced monogamy or what he terms "unfenced relationships" , the result was his first book, Sex 3.0 which represents the death of fear and a return to nature.

In this episode of the show, JJ and I discuss:

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What are you looking for?

  • The original 'caveman' version of sex & relationships
  • Why marriage conflicts with human nature and the concept of "Sexual property"
  • The two planes of sexuality (normal / natural) and their equivalent relationship types (fenced / unfenced) - why our societal paradigm of relationships is actually bad for us and our nature as humans as well.
  • How to manage jealousy and possessiveness
  • Understanding that fencing your relationships comes from a mentality of scarcity and fear and that negative emotions in relationships are mostly a choice.

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