Ryan Gosling finally puts a ring on his Latina hottie Eva Mendez?

Posted by Juan, 31 Aug 15

She has been spotted wearing a huge green emerald ring lately. And fans are a buzz with speculations that actor Ryan Gosling's proposal to Latino actress Eva Mendez may have been inspired by their daughter Esmeralda.

However people aren't really sure whether its an engagement ring because Mendez has been wearing it on her right finger as opposed to the traditional left hand finger as Americans would wear their engagement rings. Others feel its a sentimental reference to their child Esmeralda (Emerald).

The couple have been together together since September, 2011, and much as there have been rumors about a possible breakup, the ring says otherwise. So if they are engaged then kudos to them. There is nothing we want more than an interracial couple stronger in love.

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So what do you think? Engagement ring or Esmeralda ring?

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  1.   pebbles_2u says:
    Posted: 30 Oct 15

    They are absolutely amazing together. Congrats.

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