Racists Assume Asian Woman in Robin E. Kelly's Viral Video is the Nanny

Posted by James, 13 Mar

What makes people automatically assume that the only relationship a white person and a colored person can have is that of an employer and employee? Pure racism? I sure agree.

The viral video below is of Robert E. Kelly, a professor of political science at South Korea’s Pusan National University. In the video, Kelly is having a remote interview with BBC News about relations between North and South Korea. During the Skype interview, 2 children, one in a baby walker wander into Kelly's office. Hilarious I tell you. They are immediately followed by an Asian woman who comes and removes them from Kelly's office. This adorable video has been circulating the web.

The most disappointing thing is that most white folks have been assuming that the Asian woman in the video is Kelly's servant. Well, she isn't the help. She is Kelly's wife, Jung-a Kim, who is Korean.

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In this age and era where we are seeing a rise in interracial marriages, why would people make such an assumption? That the Asian woman had to be the help? To add onto that, people commented that she was “frantic” and “frenzied”; scared that she might lose her job. People didn't see it as her just being a mother. People just took the old stereotype road on this one as 'Angry Asian Man' blogger Phil Yu pointed out.

Well, there is no better way of putting it. This is just good old-fashioned racism, don't you agree? Such stereotypes are wrong and destructive. Toni Morrison calls this “the master’s narrative”. This concept highlights the slavery experiences of black people and the history of slavery. Slaves, usually people of color, are portrayed in a submissive and docile role in relation to their masters (white people).

Going by the 'nanny' assumption people made, this very stereotype came to light. That white is better. And when it comes to whites and  non-whites, the only relationship that makes sense must be that of the master and the slave. And going by the comments made, disappointing as it is, people still hold on to the master's narrative - the mentality that whites must occupy the top tier and people of color the bottom.

The #nothenanny hashtag brings to light the huge number of such racial stereotyping incidents; that the position of women of color in the society is to serve white men.

Do such things really make America post-racial? The comments from the video scream "NO"! We still have a long way to go...

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  1.   A-Lady says:
    Posted: 16 Mar

    When I saw the video, I automatically assumed her to be his wife.

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