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The art of attraction isn't just about colour or creed, it's about chemistry and a whole bunch of other things. Swirling author Christelyn Karazon discusses.

Quirky Girl Seeks Interracial Dating Advice

Posted by Christelyn, 12 Nov

I got this letter from a reader last week...

Your perfect partner could be online right now...

What are you looking for?

I'm 30 yrs old and a grad student in college. I live in a pretty segregated city. I'm primarily interested in dating white males. I've only had 4 boyfriends 1 white and another international but my experiences aren't much. Basically I'm not sure how to acquire their interest. I think I'm pretty cute but I"m a bit of a quirky personality (think comic-con, cartoon watching, sci-fi watching) which limits the pool for me. How would you suggest I meet guys down for swirling.

Here's my take...

Christelyn Karazin is the co-author of "Swirling" and runs an interracial dating blog called Beyond Black & White.

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  1. Posted: 26 Mar 16

    You are having a problem because you are in a segregated area. You need to leave your comfort zone because most WM would find you very attractive.

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  2.   Geir_mund says:
    Posted: 11 Apr 14

    Well, I am one of those geeks. :) Don't worry: we don't bite....much. Don't be afraid to approach us. We just might be interested.....

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