Oscars Clearly 'Not-So-White' This Year

Posted by James, 26 Jan

The past 2 years, people really complained about the Oscar Academy Awards nominations. Coincidence (OR NOT), the nominees for the 2015 and 2016 Oscar's were all white. And the movement 'Oscars So White' was born due to the lack of diversity in the awards.

This year the Academy honored actors of color with nominations; among them, are six black actors and actresses.

This gets people wondering: Did better actors just sprout from nowhere? Or did the social media outcry denouncing #OscarsSoWhite do the trick?

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Well, the "not-so-white" nominees are:

Mahershala Ali (black) for 'Moonlight'; Dev Patel (British of Indian descent) for 'Lion', Viola Davis (black) for 'Fences'; Naomie Harris (black) for 'Moonlight' and last but not least - Octavia Spencer (black) for 'Hidden Figures'.

That don't end there...

There are also lead categories reflected in the 2017 diversity: Denzel Washington for best lead actor for 'Fences' and Ruth Negga who was nominated for best actress for the now infamous interracial movie 'Loving'.

Much as blacks seem to have been elevated in Hollywood, other minority entertainers are quite disappointed.

Nominee Olivia Spenser (pictured above) told USA TODAY:

"I don’t feel there’s a lot of diversity. There’s black and white. But there are a lot more people of color than African Americans. ... There’s so much more to diversity than being black or white ... I’d like to see diversity in directing — there are brilliant women directors and cinematographers."

Is this diversity gonna be the trend from now henceforth or is it just a temporary thing to shut people up?

Step in the right direction? YES!!! However, there appears to be no Latino on the list.

Alex Nogales, president and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, feels there is a short again saying:

“Without question, the multidimensional portrayals of our community are what audiences want. Latinos are outraged: Our actors are not getting the opportunities to work in front of camera, and with few exceptions, in back of the camera as well.”

Founder of American Indians in Film and Television, Sonny Skyhawk, also said that much as he congratulated black actors and actresses, the nominations left out "other people of color, especially when it comes to American Indians."

Daniel Mayeda, chair of the Asian Pacific American Media Coalition, hailed this inclusion of black actors and actresses but he had a but, saying Patel (pictured above) being the only Asian actor nominated shows"the continued lack of real opportunities for Asians in Hollywood."

In conclusion, Gil Robertson, president of the African American Film Critics Association says: "Now we just have to make sure that Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, LGBT and others also are represented in the future."


What do you think? REACTIONARY or REAL?

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