New interracial video "Color Blind"

Posted by James, 09 Jul

The video starts with this pretty White lady hiding in some corner crying. Its like she is hiding from something very terrifying. Thing is, the person she is hiding from is her Black boyfriend who comes looking for her, bursting into doors and asking her why she has to hide.

"Why are you doing is?", she asks crying. "Because I love you!", he answers.

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So I am left wondering... This is a video talking about interracial color blind love. The girl seems to be hiding from him because he wants to hurt her or something. Why does he want to hurt her when he is supposed to be so in love with her? What is this bad thing he has to do for love? So, I continue watching... Am I seeing right? Did he just chloroform her?

So many of us have to deal with family members that are not accepting of our interracial relationships. We end up asking like the dude does: "Why couldn't God make us all color blind"? Dude in this video gets tired of being called "Nigga", kills her girl then hangs himself. Reason: "Because I love you!"??????? SERIOUSLY????

Much as we want interracial love to prevail, I don't think taking of lives is the point we want put across as the solution. This is some disturbing video!

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  1.   Cheng says:
    Posted: 26 Jul 11

    Malaysians should watch this video and stop what they are doing. They are very racist!

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