Never Give Up

Posted by Leticia, 27 Dec

Fresh off her success on our site, Gemma wants other singles to meet someone as special as her man, Damian. “Hey guys, I know finding true love is hard,” she begins, “But remember this always: if that man or woman is right for you, no one will hinder [it]. Don’t rush into love. Just keep on praying!”

We asked Gemma what led her to post a dating profile on our website. “I just wanted to try and see if I found my destiny on here,” she laughs. “This was not the only site I tried, but it’s the only one that worked.”

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Let’s hear from Damian on this subject. He says he signed up because he was “just curious, and hoping to meet my other half.” Neither person was terribly confident at the outset. Gemma says that “about a year” into her membership she received a Flirt from someone who’d been with us a month. Guess who?

“My Damian sent me a Flirt first,” recounts Gemma. “And then I replied to him after two days.” The reason she responded was that she thought Damian seemed like a “sincere and genuine type of man.” Their interactions only confirmed her first impression. Damian says that he knew from the first time he talked to her that Gemma might be the gal for him. He soon learned that “she’s smart and kind.”

It took Gemma a little longer to form a strong opinion. “After three months of consistency, I fell in love with him,” reports Gemma. His profile didn’t fully convey that “he’s a gentleman,” which is a quality she values highly.

To meet Gemma, though, Damian had to make sure his passport was up to date. “I traveled to the Philippines for nine days just to get to know her more,” he reveals. Gemma felt instant certainty about her guest. “The first time I saw him, I knew he was the one,” Gemma confirms. During their first dinner together she remembers thinking, “Oh, he’s a good-looking man, haha!” Apparently, Damian was even more concise in his reaction: “She’s hot!”

After these early days, Gemma concluded that “he’s a good man.” She also liked that Damian, who hails from Australia, had what she calls a “Filipino attitude.” But that’s not all she loves about him. “He makes me inspired,” she says. “He is my strength!”

At this point, Gemma is confident their relationship can work out, despite the gulf of ocean miles that separate them. “I am 100 percent sure,” she declares. “Because even though he is in Australia, we still have good communication and are planning for our future. God willing, I’ll visit him next year.” Gemma knows, however, that there are obstacles in their path. “We need to save more to be together again and to process my visa,” she explains.

Is Damian as convinced as Gemma that this can work? “I’m sure too,” he says, confirming his strong feelings for her. “I keep on working hard just to process her visa to come here. The visa is too expensive, but we can handle it…” As Gemma is pretty much exactly the person he was hoping to meet online, Damian believes their bond is worth fighting for. “I am sure she’s the woman I want to spend my life with,” he tells us. “She makes me a responsible man, and she makes me feel good about myself.”

Here are Damian’s words of encouragement for all the fellows still looking for love. “Just be genuine, and be consistent in pursuing a lady.”

Hopefully, Damian’s pursuing days are over.

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  1.   Jan34567 says:
    Posted: 05 Oct 20

    Yeah and me l can't give up Congo's dear .may God bless you

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  2.   Nakimerah says:
    Posted: 26 Apr 20

    Cong's sweets i wish to find mine too

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  3.   Jdove25 says:
    Posted: 10 Jan 19

    Great couple

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  4.   Fredobaz says:
    Posted: 02 Jan 19

    Wow! What a perfect match. May God grant me my perfect match too.Congratulations!

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