Musician Murs addresses the grims of racism that interracial couples endure

Posted by Juan, 10 Nov 15

“We would dance with Mexican girls or El Salvadorian girls, and when the lights came on, they’d act like they didn’t know us. Because their cousins would kill us or their brothers would f—k us up, so there was always that tension.” Murs, a South Central native musician whose real name is Nicholas Carter, told MTV News about the racism he experienced on the dance floor as a teenager.

Murs (pictured) is black and his latest album 'Have a Nice Life' has a single 'Mi Corazon,' one of his favorite songs from the album, which pretty much shows us the ugly reality some interracial couples are faced with. The music video features a Latino woman who Murs falls in love with. Problem is, the brother is not having any of this interracial romance between her Latino sister and a Black man. And as the story goes, he ends up shooting Murs.

Much as this is just a music video with some story line as some would say, this is the ruthless reality that some interracial couples face.

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The numbers of interracial couples has increased immensely and we’d expect most people to be used to this. Sadly, there a still considerable reports about the occurrence of hate crimes, especially against interracial couples. So this is something people need not shy away from but bring it to the light so that it can be addressed.

Growing up, Murs has seen the kind of racism in school that was scary to the point of having LAPD’s S.W.A.T. team involved in breaking things up. He says:

“There were Black and Mexican riots every year at my school. On the quad, the Mexicans would hang out on this side, the Blacks on this side and the Asians on this side. There was a huge divide and a lot of the kids were going in and out of jail — even at a young age — and there was a lot of tension in the jails that spilled over into the schools.”

Murs, doesn’t think the issue of racism is debated upon enough and that is why he decided to write the song 'Mi Corazon' as a tool to fight such discrimination. This isn’t the first song he has written in a bid to curb prejudice. He did 'Dark Skinned White Girls' in 2006 to address stereotypes against women. He also wrote a tragic song 'Animal Style,' which addressed the issue of homophobia.

“I try to fill that void… hip-hop exists, to make social change and to challenge people’s ideologies, stereotypes and ways of thinking,” he said.

Most people have been touched by his music and relate to it. For instance, his fans have admitted how 'Dark Skinned White Girls' has made them feel more comfortable in who they are. ‘Animal Style,’ made some of his fans come out of the closet. "That was a victory," he says. He hopes 'Mi Corazon' makes a difference too.

"I hope something positive comes out of it," he explained. "The divide between the two colors isn’t gonna change because of a rap song. But it’s one rock in the lake and it’ll make some ripples. Then, hopefully more people start throwing their stones and maybe we can make some change."

Artists are using art to effect change. An article "Interracial couples share the ostracization they have experienced" featured Donna Pinckley, an Arkansas-based photography professor who decided to stance behind interracial couples by starting a photo series project in May 2014 dubbed “Sticks and Stones.” She photographed interracial couples and added the insults every interracial couple she photographed have had to endure for their interracial love in her art.

Watch the video and leave your comments about it. And lets all bring awareness to such ostracization, best way we know how. Lets all take a stand against discrimination.

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