Multicultural couples on TV

Posted by Leticia, 01 Jan

A cursory rundown of some key “inter-ethnic” moments on TV

1951: CBS producers worry that the viewers will never believe Cuban-born Desi Arnaz as Lucille Ball’s husband

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1957: Alan Freed’s weekly rock n roll show on ABC is canceled shortly after black singer Frankie Lymon dances with a white girl

1968: Captain Kirk of “Star Trek” plants a smooch on Lietant Uhura – network TV’s first black-white kiss

1975: In “The Jeffersons” George’s married neighbors are a black and white couple

1998: In “Ally McBeal” the show’s heroine falls for Greg, a black doctor,. Richard Fish cozies up to Lin Woo.

2000: On “Will & Grace” Debra Messing’s Grace dates guest-star Gregory Hines in an ongoing story line

2001: “Six Feet Under” has interracial romance of a gay couple: Michael C. Hall and Mathew St. Patrick

2003: “Friends” introduces Charlie, a black woman who catches the eye of Ross.

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  1.   JADE74 says:
    Posted: 26 Sep 06

    We have the soap operas....Another World, All My Children, Days of Our Lives....Guiding Light, As the World Turns...

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  2.   whytb0y says:
    Posted: 15 Sep 06

    man thats just a few , josephine baker was married to a few white men,she wasn't on tv. but she did stage performances and she never hid that her hubby was white.

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