Mixed race Irish people honoured at #IamIrish exhibit

Posted by James, 20 Oct 16

If  we asked you to describe a stereotypical Irish person, we bet you would say something along the lines of: fair hair, fair skin and green or blue eyes. Nobody would blame you for thinking that, because anyone who’s set foot in any Irish town would agree that the above features are the norm. Nothing wrong with that.

However, a new exhibition has opened in London which challenges these stereotypes by introducing mixed race Irish people to the world. And as you can imagine, we found the concept rather fascinating!

The #IamIrish exhibition was curated by Lorraine Maher (pictured above aged 9, and today) displays pictures of black or mixed race Irish people, in an attempt to challenge preconceptions about what it means to be what is essentially a minority or an outsider.

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“This project maps the roots, lives and experiences of mixed race Irish people, challenging perceptions of what it looks like to be Irish and opening up people’s minds to the wonderful diversity of the Irish people,” Lorraine said.

We think this is a great exhibition, and actually can’t believe something like this hasn’t been done sooner.

Do you love this idea as much as we do?

You can catch the #IamIrish exhibit every day at the London Irish Centre from 10am until October 31st.

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