Miss Japan hits out at the racial abuse for being half-Black

Posted by Ando, 09 Apr 15

Just because her father is Black, most Japanese don't think Ariana Miyamoto is the real face of Japan. She was recently elected to represent Japan in the Miss Universe beauty pageant 2015 chapter.

Much as Ariana is born to a Japanese mother and an African American father, she was born and raised in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese. This isn't enough because people feel she isnt a "pure Japanese" hence not a "real" representative of Japan.

Ever since the announcement, Ariana has faced hostility and racial abuse.

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It was not easy for her growing up as the only black kid in her class either. And now after being crowned Miss Japan, critics have complained because she is a 'hafu': not Japanese enough. They expected the award to be given to a woman who is pure Japanese and not a "hafu" meaning mixed race. One commenter asked, "Is it okay to choose a hafu to represent Japan?"

In her first tv appearance, Ariana explained that much as on the outside she doesn't appear Japanese, on the inside there is so much about her that is Japanese. In an interview with MailOnline Ariana said: "There was pretty much a spasmodic vomit of racial abuse heaped upon me" when growing up.

"I was called a n****r by some of my peers. Some of them threw trash and even a blackboard duster at me. I'm Japanese through and through, but in Japan if you look "foreign" you are often not accepted as Japanese. But I am Japanese - 100 percent. Skin colour bears no relationship to what a person is. It's just one of the differences like wearing blue clothes or wearing red clothes. I have no objections against the word 'hafu' and I accept myself as being hafu.

Her father dismayed, also commented on the racial insults against her daughter saying: "Just get to know her. Just don't attack her. She will represent Japan very well."

The thing is, Japanese see their society as unique and because of this, they have put so much emphasis on remaining ethnically homogeneous. And this is why it was somewhat a "blow" to them when a mixed race Japanese woman was elected to represent the one of the world's most ethnically homogeneous states. This is a first for them.

But looking at the election of a black Miss Japan, I think this shows some kind of progression in Japan; that the judged picked a mixed race representative. Japan is definitely changing for the better. Though the change may not be dramatic enough, it is CHANGE.

Her father spoke highly of Ariana saying:

"She's aware of both sides - the black side and the Japanese side. She just wants everyone to get along and accept one another for what they are not because of the colour of their skin, but for who they are as a person. Please tell Japan to just accept her, and just be be proud of her. Though I know they will never be as proud of her as I am."

Well, lets hope Japan accepts her. Wise words from a father to Japan don't you think?

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  1.   HauteShot says:
    Posted: 31 Aug 15

    She's clearly a black woman of Japanese ancestry. One drop in the bucket is still the rule regardless to what she's feels like.

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