Men value sex more than love? Think again!

Posted by James, 03 Sep

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“Our online dating study shows this stereotype is wrong. In fact, men value love more than sex by over 60%,” Brandon Wade, CEO, WhatsYourPrice

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When I saw this, I had to read the article to find out the angle they were looking at when carrying out this study. In a bid to determine the value men put on “love” and “sex”, 50 000 men were studied over a period of three months and the average price they paid for their first dates calculated.

According to the results, men paid higher for the dates they thought they might fall in love with than the one-night-stands; $73 higher to be precise. Its like, men put more value on an opportunity of love than an opportunity of a quick banging; with those looking for casual no-strings-attached hookups paying an average of $121 for the first date compared to the $194 that men looking for long-term relationships paid.

So what does this mean?

When put that way, I guess I do agree with this study. Any man who wants something more out of a relationship with a woman, will take her to the nicest places and not care about how much it costs to be with the woman (so long as he can afford it). We tend to go an extra mile to please the women we want on our sides even after the first date is over. So the advice given to women is that they should pay attention to how much cheddar a man is willing to part with on the first date and where he takes you. A man who wants more from you will be more respectful, will pay more attention to you and will be more generous than one who is just looking for a quick release.

If women are to go by the "how much am I worth to you" meter, then men who truly can't afford the nice places will never stand a chance. However, there are other pointers to look out for. For instance, how patient he is in terms of getting into your panties? Also, a man who truly wants more will give you all the attention you require on this first date.

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