Meet Millionaire Couple Who Sold Everything to Travel the World

Posted by Ando, 22 Aug 16

  • He Sold an app to Snapchat valued at $54 million
  • Garrett Gee and his wife, Jessica, then sold everything they had to travel the world.
  • The family has been traveling for 9 months now... practically all over the world.
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  • They go by the infamous name 'The Bucket List Family'.
  • You gotta be jealous right. We all wish we had the time and money to travel the world. Garrett Gee, his wife, Jessica, and two children, Dorothy and Manilla are one of the lucky families who get to do that. From Utah, the family has been traveling for 9 months now after selling everything they owned. And to rub it in your face, Gee who is only 25 is a tech millionaire. He and his co-founders sold a start up mobile scanning app to Snapchat for a whooping $54 million.

    Much as the family have been touring the world... Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, they still haven't touched the millions they got from selling the app. They banked their millions and are still using the $45,000 they got from selling their stuff - their cars, furniture, TV and extra clothes to - to fund their adventure. And it sure is an adventure... some of it scary. Garrett caught the Zika virus; their daughter Dorothy needed stitches after slipping in the shower and cut her chin

    "We were going to take the typical next step in life and 'grow up' and build a house and settle into careers..buuut how bout not!", wrote the couple on their blog. Yap! Its called the good life. And much as there are some down sides to the amount of travel they are doing, Jessica swears the good outnumbers the downside.

    Watch the video illustrating their travel life and visit their blog ('The Bucket List Family') for more about their travel adventure.

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    1.   chatali says:
      Posted: 05 Oct 16

      That's so amazing, why not ! We only live once , some of us grew up and die at the same places with what if ,could've and should have ! I dont wanna be one of them i hope to find love and explore everything.

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