Man School - "I was kidnapped...TWICE"

Posted by Jordan, 01 Jul

This is an episode where I, Jordan Harbinger am the guest rather than the host. In this show, I talk about how I got kidnapped not once, but TWICE, and why I'm here to tell the story. Thanks to everyone who checked out my stories on Class #2 "I Was Kidnapped... Twice!" And as much as this has nothing to do with getting the girl, some of these tips might save your life.

Here's some of the unusual stuff that I talked about.

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Class Takeaways: Kidnapping advice:

  • If you are being held against your will, fight against going to a secondary location. "The place where no one can hear you scream."
  • Knowing the local language helps.
  • Having some self-defense skills can give you an advantage.
  • The police in another country may play by very different rules than they do where you're from.
  • Come up with an edge. (At one point, I pretended I was sleeping.)
  • "You live and die by your people skills."
  • A friend with a big mouth can get you in a whole lot of trouble.

Tune in and get schooled!

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