Lindsay Crumbles Under the Pressure of Being the First Black Bachelorette

Posted by James, 20 Jun

So, The Bachelorette returned on Monday night for the fourth episode after a two-week hiatus. And it's packed with drama between Lee and pretty much everyone. He seems to be the master manipulator who seems to rattle the other bachelors in the house.

The episode starts off where we left off before the NBA playoffs - With Eric fighting with others about his trustworthiness. There was also the incident where Lee interrupted Rachel and Kenny's one-on-one time. The others weren't pleased with the move so they started to pick up on Lee and his manipulation tactics. Dean also pointed out that Lee is racially intolerant and seems to be constantly picking on Eric and Kenny who are both black saying:

“The only people that I’ve seen Lee pick fights with have been not the people that he’s used to seeing on a daily basis, from a cultural perspective. You know exactly what I mean when I say that. The longer Lee sticks around, the more everyone will become aware of his intolerance.”

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Kenny wasn't happy about the interruption by Lee. So he went over to confront him. And Lee being Lee, the confrontation got heated up as Kenny started raising his voice. And as always, Lee was pleased with himself saying: “I get tickled when I smile at an angry man and he gets angrier.”

This confrontation got to Rachael and she could overhear exactly what the two were arguing about. And in one of the interviews, Racheal gets emotional saying:

“The pressures that I feel being a black woman and what that is … I don’t want to talk about it. I get pressured from so many different ways being in this position, and I did not want to get into all of this tonight."

She added:

"I already know what people are going to say about me and judge me for the decisions that I’m making. I’m going to be the one that has to deal with that, and nobody else. And that’s a lot.”

She figured it was best to cut the cocktail party short. And during the rose ceremony, we 3 contestants (Brady, Bryce and “Diggy”) were sent home. Surprisingly, Lee and Kenny got their roses.

Watch the Lindsay's breakdown and the wrangles amongst the men in this episode's preview:

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