Japan names it's first mixed-race Miss Universe Japan

Posted by Ando, 22 Mar 15

Ariana Miyamoto, is the new Miss Universe Japan as reported by New Pittsburgh Courier. She is born to a Japanese mother and an African American father. According to reports, Ariana becomes the first mixed-race contestant to be crowned Miss Universe in Japan and she will represent Japan in this year's Miss Universe pageant.

Being a 'hafu' as they call mixed-race individuals in Japan, the news of her selection to represent Japan has been met with mixed reactions. Much as her selection is a huge step in the right direction for Japan, a country which remains skeptical of diversity, Megumi Nishikura, filmmaker and co-director of the film 'Hafu: The Mixed-Race Experience in Japan,' told NBC News:

"The controversy that has erupted over her selection is a great opportunity for us Japanese to examine how far we have come from our self-perpetuated myth of homogeneity while at the same time it shows us how much further we have to go."

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Apparently 98% of the population in Japan is comprised of Japanese nationals despite the country being a center of global tourism and trade

Local media referred to the 20-year-old beauty as a “saishoku kenbi,” which means a woman blessed with both intelligence and beauty.

Kudos to Japan for recognizing this multiracial beauty queen.

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    Beautiful woman.

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