It's unbelievable how gays are also shaming interracial dating

Posted by Akila, 16 Sep

One would expect the gay community to be the most open about any kind of dating, especially interracial dating. Sadly, that is not the case.

Just a few weeks ago, NFL's Ryan Russell came out as bisexual in an interview with ESPN. His coming out was very powerful. The dude has a way with words saying that being open about his sexuality will make him be a better teammate. He is black and at the moment, he is dating a handsome white man whom he composes love poems to on his Instagram page.

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You would think that the coming out of this bright NFL athlete would make him a better role model for those in sports who are still in the closet. In fact, not a single athlete in the major leagues,  NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL have publicly come out as LGBTQ. His coming out is a very huge breakthrough for the LGBTQ community. Right?

Unfortunately, social media trolls, both gay and straight rained on him when they discovered that his partner, Cory O'Brien is white.

“Having the white partner ruined the entire moment,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Wanted to be excited that Ryan Russell came out as bisexual. As a proud Black, East Asian, and Caribbean bi dude, I was happy that another person of color had broken down that wall but alas, you guessed it, his partner is white. This shit is sick and an epidemic at this point,” another one wrote.

Gays have been shaming gay black celebrities on the internet, for instance, Shawn T, Laverne Cox, Michael Sam, Billy Porter among others simply because they have white partners. With lots of black straight famous athletes dating outside their race, interracial dating should ideally be seen as the norm. But people still aren't embracing this fluidity in dating. Whoever one chooses to love makes no difference whatsoever in other people's lives. So why are some of us still bitter about it? These are some of the boundaries we need to defy.

Karamo Brown (engaged to a white man) and Dear White People creator Justin Simien whose husband is black have also been receiving similar backlash and hurtful comments. As Brown puts it, being engaged to a white man doesn't make him immune to discrimination and police harassment as a Black man.

I remember Brown telling me about the hurtful comments he receives because he’s engaged to a white man and him telling me that just because he’s dating interracially it doesn’t mean his fears as a Black man such as discrimination and police harassment go away.

It shouldn't matter who a person dates. If anything, we should be hailing them for having been lucky enough to find love. So if Russel met someone who wants him for who he is, do these trolls expect him to throw it away because the man is from a different race? People need to style up already! Find love as opposed to shutting the door just because of ignorance and racism.

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  1.   4blacks says:
    Posted: 28 Sep 19

    there is very nice and sweet people all over the world no matter what the color or race

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