Its actually risky to NOT to take risks - Billy Murphy

Posted by Jordan, 24 Jun

Some of us are unemployable - by choice.

Today we are graced with the presence of Billy Murphy of ForeverJobless.

Murphy made the jump from professional poker to entrepreneur in 2009 and has since launched, bought, and sold a dozens of businesses. He started his blog,, as a way to simplify the process of starting/automating profitable businesses for entrepreneurs.

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Murphy and I discuss:

  • Going from Pro Poker player to Nine-to-Fiver to Entrepreneur
  • How online poker professionals think and work
  • Why it’s actually risky NOT to take risks
  • Emotional vs. Logical decisions
  • How to calculate “expected value”
  • Why diversifying in a business or investment is often a bad idea

Tune in and give us your thoughts.

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