Is your woman thrilled with your two-hour drug induced erection?

Posted by James, 13 May

viagra induced erectionViagra seems to present a win-win situation for both men and women. But does it really?

Although the member between my thighs functions pretty well (so I am told), this one time, just out of curiosity, my girlfriend asked me to indulge in having me a Viagra enhanced penis. Well, I figured why not experience it first hand… see how this will all work out once my penis starts failing me.

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It was all perfect. But much as it was perfect for me, when I asked my girlfriend, she said it was much too perfect! Only problem was... the "too perfect" bit was a complaint.

Viagra has really helped most men restore their sexual potency and have their egos. But the thing with Viagra and the siblings like Cialis is; they have the ability to weaken a man’s refractory time – meaning you experience a 'No sooner had the other erection gone down than another one took over' kind of situation. And this is what my girlfriend had a problem with. In fact I remember her mumbling "Oh Lord! Not Again!"

See much as Viagra has its physical side effects (headaches, stomach issues, blah blah), it can bring about misunderstanding and much more unhappiness between a couple. For you to understand what I am saying, Steven Lamm, MD, an internist in New York City and author of The Hardness Factor :D says:

"There is something about a hard erection that is extremely important to a man's identity. And of course most couples would prefer that the man be able to have one. But there are some who may have adjusted to life without sex. Perhaps the woman doesn't really want it anymore, for one reason or another. And for those couples, the introduction of an ED drug can throw them seriously out of sync."

Imagine a woman in her post menopausal (less sexual desire) phase having to deal with a man’s sudden Viagra-assisted prowess! See its not even about her lessened desire but also about her decreased vaginal elasticity and lubrication. Now, pair her up with a man who cant stop getting it up … how painful can it get? Even my girlfriend – a woman in her sexual prime – had enough of it!

See men can be 30 again! What about their 60-something wives or girlfriends? This is such an imbalance. And such an imbalance can put pressure on a couple that has lived happily until they met Viagra. On some 50+ website, a woman Andrea D. who is over 50 and twice-divorced says bluntly: "Viagra has been liberating for men, but unless a woman is taking hormone therapy, she may have vaginal dryness and really not be that interested in the kind of driving, pounding intercourse he's now capable of."

Some worry that this new found sexual prowess and imbalance in a couple’s sexuality can make men less committed to their marriages. To add onto that women want to be desired by a man for them to actually get turned on. But with Viagra in their lives, most women end up worrying: "Is it me that really turns him on or it’s the Viagra that has taken control of him?"

When you decide to introduce this drug that is supposedly supposed to take your sex life to back to the level it was 30 years ago, talk to your partner and be open with each other about whether you want it introduced and also how you can handle the non-physical side effects. For women going through menopause, talk openly and lovingly to your husband about what you really how you really want your sex life to be like as opposed to withholding information just to protect his ego. Andrea adds: "… even with someone you really, really adore ... sometimes you just want to get back to reading your book!"

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