Is There a Formula to Meeting 'The One'?

Posted by Liam, 23 Jun 17

The search for 'the one' has been one elusive affair for many. There is a chance that some of us may have met 'the one' once upon a time, but left them because it was too good to be true. "Maybe she was just being phony." This kind of skepticism could probably be the reason why you haven't found him or her yet.

For the many of us still searching, the struggle is real. We go through lengths; trying everything we possibly can to find that perfect partner. But can the search for love be made easier? Is it even possible to identify this special someone when you meet them?

A UK-based dating application surveyed hundreds of Brits to find out if there is a formula for finding this special someone. They uncovered some pretty surprising discoveries:

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The survey found that most people are skeptical about finding love. We just don't believe we can make it happen. In fact, 80% of the surveyed group believe there is no science behind making someone fall for you.

75% believed in having a spiritual connection with someone to fall in love. They believe its one of the things that should count when you meet the right person. If the connection is there, then that's how you know.

The other discovery is the speed at which couples fall in love. And apparently, when people fall for someone, they fall HARD... and FAST!!! A quarter of us fall in love at first sight. And according to the survey results, 43% of couples fall in love within just an hour of meeting. Then there are those of us who are so connected with our partners that we don't even bother asking or even need to hear the 3 magical words; each partner just knows. This number stands at 85%.

What about saying the three magical words? Well, contrary to popular belief, it so happens that most men actually said "I love you" first. Women are less prone to declaring their feelings than men. 65% of the men said it first.

In conclusion, the co-founder of the dating app, Matt Verity says:

"It’s encouraging to know that when it comes to matters of the heart, we Brits still believe in true love – a connection that can’t really be explained.

After all, who wants to be matched by science, rather than by feelings? People’s quirky qualities are what make them unique, individual and attractive. That is why it is so important to use an online dating service that goes beyond just a photo and shows true personality. That is how attraction, strong relationships and ultimately love develops."


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