Watch: Is She Sending Mixed Signals?

Posted by Ando, 06 Sep 16

The world of dating and relationships is already a complex universe of emotions and behaviors. It’s full of unwritten rules that nobody knows but gets to know with time, unexpected turns of events, reactions that shouldn’t be of concern but somehow is, the age old question of “where do you want to eat?”...  What’s a bigger mystery than all of these are “mixed signals”.

Everyone’s perception of what dating is, is different. Some consider it a simpler procedure than others, some one of the most complex things in the world. Many people simply don’t know how to function around their crushes. Their tongue gets tangled, they sweat uncontrollably and black out for a second, looking like a person that had just finished watching “Inception” for the first time. And then there are the people that use mixed signals. Acting in ways for a moment and other ways later. Split personality anyone?

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Let’s say that you are in a bar or a club (or the pizza place at 3AM because of reasons) and there is a person there, a cute one, looking at you smiling and gives you a wink. You immediately think whether they like you and if you have deodorant on. And don’t lie! What do you do? Maybe you should buy that person a drink?

You get the drink and approach this person, the person (thankfully) accepts the drink and you start to chat. “Well, this is happening” you may think to yourself. As the conversation goes along you start asking about them, right? And that is when you get to know that they are there waiting on their boyfriend/girlfriend.

You already paid for the drink. You are now sitting there with a drink in your hand and with a half smile on your face and a twitching eye. She/He was just bored waiting. You just paid 8$ to be the waiting room to someone’s night. Mixed signals just cost you 8$ and a crushed up heart.

Here’s a video to explain “mixed signals” a bit better:

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