Is Kim Kardashian the Reason People are Accepting Interracial Relationships?

Posted by James, 10 May 16

Well, believe it or not, rapper Kanye West, husband to reality T.V. star Kim Kardashian believes his wife is the reason "people are cool with interracial couples and body positivity" This he revealed in an interview with Steve Harvey saying:

"[Kim] is breaking boundaries on so many levels. You can't give me an example of as popular of a mixed couple and I've got friends that have had like ...that have white wives that before there was a Kimye they would go to the amusement park and people would be talking down to them, treating them a certain kind of way. She broke boundaries with that...

She broke boundaries in fashion where designers wasn't trying to make clothes for woman with shapes and now they all about really embracing and empowering woman. Women empowerment, a matriarch society where women can make money.""

Talk about a man who thinks highly of his wife as he does himself. I mean just look at the picture; shows how much admiration he has for her.

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Well, we cant deny the fact that somehow the couple has had an impact on the interracial couples bit because Kanye has been on the media a lot defending Kim and their interracial relationship against racist hatred. Here is the full interview:

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  1.   Luv1973 says:
    Posted: 30 Jul 16

    I seriously doubt it.

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  2.   ladybarb says:
    Posted: 13 Jun 16

    Finally an article on two people that are doing what they want to do without complaining about what other's think! They do what they want to do without caring what others think. I do not understand all of the hoopla about interracial relationship in the year 2016. After all, interracial relationships have been around for centuries. Most people of color are a mixture of two or three or more races. Some people evolve and some people don't. It's as simple as that. Those that are more exposed to diversity embrace it, usually. Those that have not, don't.

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  3.   speedbump95 says:
    Posted: 06 Jun 16

    Yes and no, cause people have changed their mindset on the issue; cause what's more important a miserable unhappy relative at family dinner or some one whose has joy. Cause misery everything they say it is.

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  4.   samsplace07 says:
    Posted: 18 May 16


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  5.   NYGriego says:
    Posted: 13 May 16

    You're kidding, right? Interracial relationships were around LONG before the Kartrashians publicized their whorish lifestyles.

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    • NYGriego says:
      Posted: 17 May 16

      The person who gave a thumbs down must be a millennial because the rest of us know that this goes back centuries. Haha!

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