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Is he smart enough for you?

Posted by Matthew, 22 Mar 14

Our caller Maryanne has been told she is too picky about the men she chooses to date. And one of the areas this comes off is a man's education. She always asks the men she meets whether they have an education and its important to her because she has a lot of education and likes intellectual cause.

When answering her, I try to find out from her if an intellectually curious man with less formal education can be good enough. Listen to how our conversation went:

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When choosing the man you want to spend time with, do you ask the right questions? Is it important to have a man who is on the same level with you in terms of formal education or can his desire to want to learn about things be good enough too?

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  1.   Akreazz says:
    Posted: 08 May 14

    Today, economically, both the female and male need to be well educated. I am very curious, inquisitive and stimulated by education. If, I interact with a Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, etc. I listen carefully to everything they say, and I am stimulated to know more. I research whatever their fields of studies are. Because, I seek to educate myself further and continuously. In addition, I know what I want and what stimulates me, and broaden my worldviews. In addition, I have encountered and found that men with less education or without any education. They tend to be secretly resentful, non-communicative,narrow-minded, domineering, argumentative, if you ask them a question or make a suggestion. They will indirectly mock you, etc. My siblings and I found that my father was uneducated, but he wanted to be educated. My siblings and I taught my father everything we learned daily in school. My brothers taught my father the the maths & higher level maths. While my sisters and I taught him reading, writing, language, science, history, social studies, my father mastered map reading on his own, and public speaking from his children etc. This is 2014, therefore, every country on the planet Earth, should be responsible for properly educating their citizens to address the needs and the technologies of a new and upcoming world. Therefore, I have graduate degrees, and I require a man to possess a Graduate Degree. I don't require anything of a man, that I don't require for myself. Thank you!

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