Is America Ready for Interracial Love on 'The Bachelorette'?

Posted by Sidney, 26 May

We cannot deny that Rachel Lindsay has broken history for being the first black female “Bachelorette” on the infamous ABC show. And excited we are, especially the black community. But having seen the lineup and how highly diverse the 31 suitors are, we can't deny the likelyhood that Rachael's last suitor will not be black.

Finally a black woman on a pedestal.

The choice of Rachel as the star of the show is full proof that things are moving in the right direction. It shows how most shows are trying to be as diverse as they possibly can. And I am sure most people are eager to see a black woman being on a pedestal with men from all races giving her attention and trying to get her affection. This is a position that black women are never portrayed in. Studies have said they are the least sought after by men of all races.

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Black women are said to be the ones least likely to date interracially. And I am loving this new Bachelorette show because it's one that will debunk this myth (or not lol). But what is the Black community's take on the show?

Is America ready for the possibility of an interracial love affair on the show?

The thing is, as much as the cast is diverse, we can't help but notice that the suitors on the show are mainly white. And week after week, we are going to see Rachel dating all these men from diverse cultures. An article on HollywoodTake, asks: "Will Rachel Lindsay's parents be upset that she's dating a number of white men?" Apparently, as per spoilers, the last four suitors will be white.

The black community has always put pressure on the black woman to remain loyal. They expect the black woman to date and marry a 'brother'. Rachel has previously spoken about how tough interracial relationships can be. And as much as she has admitted to dating white men, she said she has never brought one home to meet her parents. Is it because of the pressure?

Well, going by the previous seasons of the shows, this one has aced the diversity arena. Out of the 31, half of them are non-white. And there are 11 hot, sexy and successful black men. And this kind of defies the popular adage that there are 'no good black men for black women" to date.

The thing is, we here are really happy that the show has proven that swirling is relevant. And this show is going to be a real great watch, with an increase in viwership as it goes beyond just finding love. It is touching on a subject too relevant and too embedded in the lives of most Americans. RACE.

In the end, it might go either way. Rachel might end up with a non-black man; Rachel might end up with a black man. If the man is black, people will say that it proves black aren’t interested in dating men of other races. Some might say she was under the pressure of the black community. If he ends up being white, people might say the show is trying to prove something - that they can be diverse. Some might say she is "not loyal".

How we react will definitely gauge the temperament of race relations in America. Whatever her choice, are we going to embrace it?

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  1. Posted: 29 May

    Ready or not here it comes. Reports are she picked Peter

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