Interracial love - From High school to a Lifetime

Posted by James, 26 Jul

Why high school sweethearts have lasting adult relationships

Can you remember your high school sweetheart? Do you have fond memories of your time together? With all the awkwardness and hormones that come with being a teenager, it’s hard to imagine that a couple can meet during this confusion period, fall in love, and stay in love. People expect it to end when they move to college or when they become adults.

Well, there are those people who are lucky enough to have made it past high school. And years later, they can look at their high school sweethearts across the dinner table, every night.

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Dána Dwyer is one such lucky couple. She narrates her story on the Interracial Dating Central Facebook page:

"My husband and I met in college: He was 18 and I was 19. We were both dating other people but became friends through having classes together, as we're both musicians. Time and circumstance brought us together and then apart, but we both kept our love for each other in our hearts, holding future loves to the standard that the other had set.

On 9/11, my husband was in Hawaii and came to the realization that life was too short to not take a chance on finding the girl he never stopped thinking about since college.

When he found out through mutual friends that I was seeing someone seriously, he said that he thought "someone else might marry my wife"!

After I broke up with the man I had been seeing, my husband came back into my life asking for just one date. One chance to prove that he was the man for me.

I gave him that chance, and it was the best decision I've ever made.

There are lots of people who don’t believe that this kind of “puppy love” can last a lifetime. People are usually skeptical about these relationships. I am sure many parents discourage their sons and daughters about teenage love; downplaying it to mere infatuation. But for some people like Dana, this is not the case.

Some high school sweethearts usually go separate ways when in college, fail miserably in their college relationships, only to search and find each other later in life and pick up where they left off. While separated, most of these couples never forget one another. They remember the love they shared even though apart.

But how does it feel to marry the first person you ever seriously dated? There are those who will say that it’s the best decision they ever made. However, those not in the relationship might disagree. They might see it as limiting yourselves. They might view it as having little experience in the love arena since you never played the field well enough.

Why these couples make it

The thing that makes high school sweethearts have success in marriage is the fact that they grew together and have a special understanding about one another. Such couples have the advantage of having evolved together. They get to mold each other into what works best for their relationship from a very tender age. And this is such a great foundation to build love upon.

Another thing that binds these couples together is that they have experienced teenage milestones together. I am sure they can sit and reminisce about the first beer they bought and had together, their high school and college graduations which they probably shared together. Such couple’s lives are built on memories (some extremely awkward), which they shared together and they can sit and have a great laugh about them.

Since you grew up together, you probably shaped and developed similar tastes in movies, music, and foods. And these are some of the hobbies and activities that if a couple can share together, they create a solid bond between them.

Having gone through fight after fight and having managed to solve each one, you know the next fight you have, you will get through it. You have already figured out and decided that you are in it for keeps. So even if the fights will never end, the worst is probably over.

The thing is if you got attracted to someone with all their awkwardness (the acne face, the clownish makeup, the weird fashion) and you still fell in love with them then, imagine how hot and put together they are now. They are definitely more attractive and more appealing today. And your relationship today is definitely way better and stronger than your high school days.

So if you are still searching for love, maybe it's about time you got in touch with your high school sweetheart and see where it goes ;-).

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