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Interracial Dater Says, "It's Time to Stop Hiding Interracial Relationships"

Posted by Christelyn, 31 Oct 13

FYOOZ got a chance to talk to Joshua and Melissa, a couple we met at the Loving Day flagship event in New York City last June.

Do you ever feel like you've had to hide your interracial relationship from friends and family?

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7 responses to "Interracial Dater Says, "It's Time to Stop Hiding Interracial Relationships""

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  1.   zhariah66 says:
    Posted: 02 Jul 16

    It sure is....why hide...if we do this then we live according to someone else's rules or beliefs....be free...and do what is best for you....what's in the dark....comes to the light....anyway....so man up....woman up....be true to yourselves!!!

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  2.   Gypsy22015 says:
    Posted: 14 Jan 16

    So true. I hid mines' with my doc back in 1979 we both were young and I really loved that Caucasian good looking smart man and he loved me. Times are much better. black and whites, other are more accepting of all kinds of interracial relationships - even most parents now. No need to hide now. LOVE ON>>>>LOVE FREELY and BE HAPPY

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  3.   Jadediamo says:
    Posted: 22 Mar 14

    It's absolutely stupid to judge her because of who she married. Black men, once they become rich and famous, 90% of the time always marry a white woman. Black people are just as racist or more racist than any other race. They can't let go of the past "slavery." It's in the past people....even still some of those white men loved those black women and married them even during slavey. I'm so sorry for the pain she's received but my advice to her is don't shed another tear because the people who are judging her are just jealous of seeing this beautiful young woman be happy. At the end of the day it's all about her happiness and if it just happen to be with a man that's not her same ethnicity so what....we are all of the same race, "HUMAN" The way GOD sees us. The haters need to get a life!!! Stay encourage.... :-)

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  4. Posted: 28 Dec 13

    Interacial dating is still considered to be taboo. Which is why it takes courage to date outside of your race. Open communication, confidence, decisiveness, and sincere love are all necessities for a great interracial relationship.

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  5. Posted: 10 Dec 13

    I cannot imagine hiding my relationship or someone hiding me. Thank God I've dated some white men who could care less of what others think. I definitely do.

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  6.   brianna920 says:
    Posted: 12 Nov 13

    They are such a beautiful couple!

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