Internet dating: fun or scary

Posted by James, 13 Aug

bruce-halle.jpg Is Internet dating fun, scary or both? Picture logging on to a chat room and meeting some Susan Brown… well that Susan Brown might just be Halle Berry if it is your lucky day.

The Oscar-winning celebrity sometimes uses Susan Brown as her nickname when she's doing some anonymous surfing. The 40-year-old Berry admits that when the Internet first became popular, she ‘loved it.’

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"I thought, 'Wow, this is a whole new world.' I loved the fact I could have anonymity and go into chat rooms and not be myself and have honest chats with people, saying I was Susan Brown or someone else I was not."

The movie ‘Perfect Stranger’ starring Berry, tries to explore the mysterious world of online chatting. It’s a must-watch for those addicts… you know who you are ;-) Berry plays an investigative reporter (Rowena Price), who discovers that her friend's murder could have been as a result her online chats and subsequent fling with an influential ad executive Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis).

Berry now dating a Versace model Gabriel Aubry, narrates her own venture into the online world and the pressure she had with the Oscar on the mantelpiece

According to Berry, much as online dating can be fun, it can also be scary.“People are starting to date online and meet people and I gather it's the new social scene and a way to meet people instead of clubs and bars. But there is still an element of fear in that because you don't know who is really going to show up on the date and that is an aspect of our movie that really gets explored.᾿

What makes me wonder is that there is an increase in online daters. Its like more and more people are registering despite all the scams and uncertainty of who the person on the other end is (Could be some serial killer you know :evil: ).

I got one question… Is online dating and chatting so much fun to an extent of ignoring any paranoiac feelings anyone might be having? Even after all these scary stories we read about online, what factors determine your continued presence in the online dating scene?

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