'I Don't Need Legs to Feel Sexy': Meet Lingerie Model Without Lower Limbs

Posted by Ando, 19 Apr 16

Speaking of defying all odds Kanya Sesser, is a 23 year-old woman who was born without lower limbs and is earning a living as a lingerie model making more than $1,000-a-day in Los Angeles. Ever since she was born and abandoned at just one week old on the steps of a Buddhist temple in Thailand, Kanya has been overcoming obstacles her whole life.

Kanya is not ashamed of her disability. She is taking the modelling industry by storm; posing in sexy bras and underwear that reveal a different kind of sexy. She says her lingerie modelling shows strength.

"It's something fun and it shows my story - I'm different and that is sexy. I don't need legs to feel sexy," she says. Her boyfriend Brian Waters is one of her biggest fans. "Brian is awesome - he is very supportive of everything I do," she said. "He recently saw me modelling for first time and told me he thought it was beautiful and unique," she added.

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When she is not modelling, Kanya says she doesn't put on make-up because she prefers a natural look. "I can be girly and I don't mind wearing it - I like getting my make-up done when I am on a shoot," saying she feels beautiful even without make-up.

Kanya is now training for the 2018 Paralympics in South Korea. She loves extreme sports and wants to compete in mono-ski. She is also writing a book about her journey from orphan to model and is planning to continue her modelling career even after the Paralympics. Instead of a wheelchair, she walks on her hands and uses her skateboard to get around. She is also an active skier, skateboarder and surfer.

Kanya began her modelling career when she was 15, posing for sports brands. "I enjoy making money from it and I love showing people what beauty can look like," said the beauty. "I like expressing myself in a different way than people usually see... This is just who I am."

Watch her capabilities in the video below. Her energy is out of this world. Isn't she inspirational and amazing?

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  1.   ladybarb says:
    Posted: 27 Apr 16

    She is beyond incredible. How can anyone be upset about someone not liking a person or persons about interracial dating or interracial marriage when this woman defies obstacles every day and has become a success at what she does. She carries herself in a way that brings forth respect and admiration. Wow, what an inspiration!

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