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How to slow down a relationship that's moving too fast

Posted by Matthew, 17 Mar 14

The romantic phase is the most dangerous phase in relationships. In this phase, a couple feels completely crazy about each other. You find yourself not getting enough of the other person… you just want more and more of them, you want to spend every waking moment with this person. And when this happens, you may find yourselves rushing the early stages of the relationship… rushing the moving in together stage of the relationship. This in itself is extraordinarily dangerous.

Watch the video and learn how to slow things down and prevent putting an end to a relationship that has just began.

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Have you been rushing things in your relationship? How has this affected it?

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  1.   CremeU says:
    Posted: 19 Mar 14

    Nice advice Mathew. What I don't get is, why would a guy lead you on, make you think he is so into you; then once you shift gears to moving as fast as he was, all of a suddenly the freaks him out?

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