How to prepare yourself for better sex...

Posted by James, 24 Feb

prepare for great sexIt may have been a pretty dry spell for you but suddenly, things are looking up. Maybe someone across the room has been checking you out. Maybe you have been on a couple of dates with this hot man who seems to think the world of you. Much as you may have crammed all the sex moves known to man, it pays off to prepare yourself so you don't end up having just so-so sex. believe these easy ways will surely do the trick:

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  • Take a week off porn: See much as there is nothing wrong with watching porn, it has the potential of making our expectations towards sex be somehow unrealistic… makes one expect sex that rarely happens in the real world. So if you want to appreciate and enjoy the realistic kind of sex, then take that porn fast.
  • Yes, you just met and he has this great body you just have to feast on like NOW!! But honestly speaking, having sex with someone you at least have a liking towards is so much better. So make an effort of knowing a little about this person coz a good conversation is as good as foreplay. Get that chemistry going before jumping into bed.
  • If you just met this person, have a little mystery work in your favor. Don’t let on too much of those dirty little unsexy secrets before the initial sexual contant. You might kill the mood even before you get some; hence so-so sex for you.
  • So the chemistry is out of this world… and you cant wait to rip each others clothes apart the tiniest chance you get and have some hungry, intense, fast sex! Tempting as it is, more often than not, a little dilly dallying foreplay builds the anticipation… making that first time encounter even more fulfilling and much better. Make out for a little while. Delay the belt unbuckling, stop him from raising your skirt and putting his… just a little while longer… And you sure will have some intensely orgasmic sex.
  • Inebriated sex aint good. You’ve done it before and you know this for a fact. And the worst bit about having sex while wasted is you will hardly remember the details… sometimes, hardly remember you did it come morning. And its clumsy. Just have a couple of drinks to relax you. Go easy on the drinks. Don't get wasted!

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  1.   ramoga says:
    Posted: 01 Apr 12

    This is weird or it's just me. Sex is not a marathon, football game etc to prepare for. It should be a natural thing. If you prepare jmo! It puts a lot of pressure on your mental stability and thus you might sometimes not get what you anticipated for. Let it be natural that's the fun part. Be spontaneous that's what makes it better , exciting,and a thing to look forward to.

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