How to make fitness a part of your lifestyle

Posted by Jordan, 16 Dec

"Discomfort brings engagement and change. Discomfort means you're doing something that others are unlikely to do because they're hiding out in the comfort zone."

In today's episode, we bring you Seth Godin Gregory O'Gallagher and Christopher Walker are fitness bloggers and co-hosts of the Road To Ripped podcast. Gregory has mastered the Hollywood aesthetic ideal in both his own physique and countless successful clients. He is the author of the Warrior Shredding Program and several other successful muscle building and cutting courses. Christopher is a former fashion model with a degree in neuroscience who figured out how to naturally raise his testosterone levels from almost nothing to above the medical reference range using training and nutrition, a process which he teaches others how to do in his program Testosterone IO.

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Chris, Greg & I discuss:

  • The Power of intermittent fasting
  • Why you should only work out 3 times a week
  • How to make fitness a part of your lifestyle
  • What it really takes to build an incredible physique and keep it forever
  • How to stay fit while traveling
  • We also bust some common fitness myths, like post-workout shakes, eating 5+ meals/day, eating carbs at night, eating 'too much' cholesterol, etc.

Have listen. You don't want to miss this stuff.

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