How to chat with women online and get responses

Posted by James, 07 Mar

Most men fear to chat with women online. This is probably because of the fear of rejection. But is there a way that women feel men should approach them? How does one successfully chat with women online?

As a man, you need to be creating and bold enough when chatting with women. Yes, people have this idea that women are quite complicated to talk to. Well, they probably are. However, with the right approach, you can really score as a man.

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Make sure your profile is great.

First off, before you even start, make sure your profile stands out. I am talking about your pictures and the wording you use. People can tell a lot about a person from just reading one’s profile. Well, get it right.

Well, below are a few tips you can employ when you want to strike and maintain a conversation with the girl you like online.

Respect is key.

Now, as much as women are different from men, one thing every man needs to do is to maintain respect from the get-go. Simple, right? Well, you will be surprised at how many men blunder with this one.

The key here is to steer clear of making sexual comments about her. Don’t start off a conversation by telling her how her rack is sexy. You will be objectifying her. Please don’t be a jerk about this. For a woman to want to talk to you, she needs to feel you are interested in more than just her looks.

Keep the compliments coming

Women love to be complimented. Again, stay away from compliments that will make her feel objectified. Now, if you want to score here, try going through her profile and compliment her on something she is great at. And if you really think she is beautiful, how about talking to her about her smile or how you think her eyes light up.

Keep the conversation going

Women enjoy conversations. So don’t send a “Hi there” then ignore her immediately she replies. Start off with showing a keen interest in her by mentioning something you admire on her profile. So don’t keep her waiting for 24 hours to reply to her message. Much as playing hard to get can be some mysterious fun, it gets old when done online.


Always show an interest in her by asking questions. This way, you get to learn a lot about her. Ask her about her hobbies or about her job. Talk about her favorite music or movies. Asking these questions can really maintain a great conversation.

Be honest.

People lie on their profiles, right? But if you like a woman, if you really like this woman, then it pays to be honest about yourself from the first instance. Don’t try to over embellish your lifestyle. Be honest about what you want in a woman and what you want from the relationship.

Ask her on a date

Now if this woman is really special, then ask her out on a date. Don’t overdo the online chatting. Take things offline and get to know her in person. Stretching the online conversation can be construed as disinterest.

All the best as you chat women online.

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