How to better your weight with these every night tips and tricks

Posted by James, 10 Apr

There are some habits that one can adopt every night that can be beneficial to a person's weight loss efforts. Do you want to better your weight without using weight loss products? What is the best place for extreme weight loss? The gym?  Most muscle-bound personal trainers will cite that. However, triathletes, distance runners, cyclists might have a different philosophy. They will say the best place to lose weight is on track! Ask the dieticians, nutritionist, and organic-produce purveyors the same question. They will say it’s the kitchen. Unfortunately, they don't get it all right. This is because real and extreme weight loss comes from the comfort of your bedroom. Sounds impossible, right?

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Night Time Tips and Tricks for Extreme Weight Loss

Being in the bedroom does not always mean making love to become lean. Having a better night 's rest and performing these every night tips and tricks is the best way lose abdominal weight and make you a slimmer person. In actual fact, no matter how much kale you crunch, how many miles you log, how many pounds you press, or how many weight loss programs you attend, you won’t get anywhere close to your weight loss goals unless you include getting enough quality sleep.

According to a recent study, not having quality sleep at night could undermine weight loss by up to 55%! The good news is that you can better your weight by sleeping well by following a few tips. By applying these simply balanced tricks into your night routine, you will achieve your weight loss program goals successfully and in no time.

Have a Low-Sodium Dinner

According to the author of The Small Change Diet, Keri Gans, R.D., if you want to learn how to cut feeling bloated after waking up, you need to skip the Chinese dinner. Chinese dinner is a food full of salt. And salt stays in your system overnight thereby making you feel puffier when you wake up than you usually would. To avoid this, cook a healthy meal of lean protein and steamed veggies without too much salt. Apart from sleeping well, it is a better fast weight loss tip than using weight loss products.

Keep your Cell Phone and iPad Away

As per several types of research, the more electronics people have in their bedrooms, the fatter they get. This is especially evident among children. This is simply because children who spend most of their nighttime right in front of the glow of a computer or TV do not always get enough sleep at night and they suffer from lifestyle habits. Another research found that people with access to one electronic device were likely to be up to 1.47 times overweight than people with no access to such gadgets in the bedroom. This value increased to 2.57 times for people with three devices. The best answer to how to cut that weight is to leave your cellphones and iPad in the living room.

Sleep in a Super Dark Bedroom and Avoid Bright Screens

The melatonin hormone can help boost the production of more calorie-burning brown fat in the body. However, the production of this hormone is enhanced when you are sleeping in complete darkness. Therefore, make sure your room is super dark to boost weight loss and live healthily. Also, avoid looking at bright screens within 1 to 2 hours of bedtime. The blue light emitted by your computer, tablet, TV, or phone is extremely disruptive. You can reduce the impact by using light-altering software like f.lux, turning the brightness down, or by using devices with smaller screens.

Do a Nighttime Workout

We all know that people drop pounds when they sweat. Well, this is not restricted to day workouts. You can come up with a simple nighttime workout to adhere to every night. Don’t get it wrong. This won’t keep you awake at night. On the contrary, it will make you sleep better and it is a fast weight loss trick. According to the National Sleep Foundation in 2013, active people are 56 to 67% more likely to sleep well when they perform workouts before going to bed.

Drink Lots of Water

It's common knowledge that water is essential for the body. It is one of the fast weight loss tips because it helps to remove any water you could be retaining. However, since you will not want to be running to the bathroom every night (and having enough quality sleep is ideal for weight loss), it is better to stop your persistent water drinking an hour before bedtime.

Above all, these simply balanced tips are very important for you if you want to lose weight. Read more to find out how you can incorporate the above tips with these outdoor activities for couples.

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