How to be a male escort

Posted by Jordan, 02 Dec

Remember, judge and argue all we may, women are paying this man for his company, so he must be doing something right (aside from just hitting the gym 7 days/week). My old-school buddy Vin Armani is back on the show, this time the face of a new escort agency in Las Vegas brings an interesting insight into the industry as well as into the female mind.

Vin and I uncover:

Your perfect partner could be online right now...

What are you looking for?

  • How, in the male escort industry now, having "game" is actually not a prerequisite to being hired by an agency, when, in fact, it is the most important driver of repeat business.
  • Why a "natural" (at least looks-wise) is not necessarily going to be a highly effective escort.
  • The "date pattern" that Vin has developed for getting quick rapport and then escalating. (This is actually good info for first dates in general, particularly first meetings where you have done some digital communication beforehand (online dating).
  • What Vin's new agency is looking for in a potential recruit, AND how much money they could potentially make (REAL numbers related to how much an established buy in the industry will typically make)


  • A male escort's REAL job
  • How escort agencies work from the INSIDE
  • Why going on a vacation can be a tough job -When escort ‘dates’ go wrong
  • Chin-dildos (yeah, you heard me)
  • “Women Judge Their Worth by the Man They're With”


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  1.   Happify says:
    Posted: 07 Feb 14

    This is laughable at best. AGE the woman in your picture by 70 years and add 40 pounds to her OR make her a GUY.

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