How do you picture the average American? Think again

Posted by James, 05 Jul 16

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Is the average American how you pictured him/her to be? Why was your answer biased? Maybe it’s because no one sees the whole picture as it is. We only see what we want to see.

Loving your country means loving anyone inside of it. Why doesn’t anyone get that?

You want to be called a patriot and feel proud about it? Then, embrace the diversity of your country and love the people living under the same nation as you.

“Labels don’t devalue us, they help define us.”

Help stop bias. #WeAreAmerica

Check the stats and be amazed:

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  1.   Lov1971 says:
    Posted: 07 Jul 16

    He looks strong an yet gentle tough yet soft looks like human we all have our faults but with one love

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