Gay interracial couple bullied on the net tie the knot

Posted by Ando, 11 Nov 15

We have all heard a string of stories about how people have used the internet, especially social media platforms as a weapon to lash at and hate on others. And this interracial gay couple (pictured) were also a victim of internet bullies; they were teased and hated on just because they posted a picture of the two of them holding hands which went viral on Facebook earlier this spring.

Naparuj Mond Kaendi, a Thai creative director and booking agent at Bacca Model Management and Thorsten Mid, German, were mocked because they are an Asian-White couple. And the main focus of the hateful comments was their differences in race and physique.

Sometimes its good to turn a blind eye to such vile acts of hate. Kaendi and Mid officially wed in Germany. And to shove it to the haters, the interracial grooms posted photos of their memorable day on Instagram; hashtag #MONDSTEN. Someone by the handle coolart69 posted the picture below with the message: "This is your present from me, congrats, and happily ever after guys... #love is love"

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Congrats to the happy couple and for sticking together no matter what. That's what love is all about.

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  1.   dumelezi says:
    Posted: 18 Nov 15

    Congrats, it doesn't matter who you are,love is love.

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