From sleeping on the couch to 7-figure business

Posted by Jordan, 15 May

He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who built a seven-figure business in two years while starting out sleeping on his sisters couch. Wait, what? Yap. That's Lewis Howes, former professional football player, two sport All-American and current USA Men’s National Team member for team handball. And today, he stops by to kick it with me.

He is also the author of the definitive books to building your business with LinkedIn and webinars and an angel investor. Lewis dishes out some real talk (as in, he's applied this stuff HIMSELF and gotten REAL RESULTS), on:

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What are you looking for?

  • The power of belief
  • Framing goals
  • Practicing until your hands bleed
  • Seeking out YOUR top mentor
  • Setting up daily small wins

Find more from Lewis at and And yes ladies, he's currently SINGLE.

Have at it.

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