Father of Interracial Family Confesses To Being Racially Biased

Posted by James, 31 Aug 16

"I have a confession to make.

It’s embarrassing.

Especially because I have an interracial family.

Your perfect partner could be online right now...

What are you looking for?

And because it shows that I still have bias."

That is how San Francisco's Fox affiliate, KTVU's anchor, Frank Somerville, (pictured) began a post on his Facebook Page. What was he embarrassed about? Having an interracial family and still being racially biased. But most people wonder: Is it really possible? Some have asked: Is it really possible to be in an interracial relationship and still be racist?

Somerville narrates his story:

'I saw a white woman sitting at a bus stop at about 8pm. And there was a black guy dressed kind of “street” walking on the sidewalk in her direction.

(I say "kind of" because he didn't look like a hoodlum. More like "street casual.") I was across the street and instantly thought to myself:

“I’m going to watch this guy just to make sure he doesn’t do anything to the woman.”

And then it happened. As he’s was walking I noticed a little boy running to catch up with him. The little boy then grabbed his dad’s hand.

All of a sudden my whole view of the guy changed. I realized he was a dad just walking down the street with his son. I realized that he was “okay” and wasn’t going to do anything.

I was so angry with myself. The man did absolutely nothing wrong. And yet I initially saw him as a possible threat. And let’s be honest. The main reason was because of his skin color.'

The thing is: Somerville has a daughter who is black. He had just had a talk with his daughter about how the world might treat her differently from her white sister based entirely on their skin color. And there he was... doing the "EXACT" s*** he had warned his daughter about. He was really disappointed in himself thinking, "I have a black daughter. And yet I still have that %$#%$@ bias. What the %$#%$ is wrong with me."

We may find ourselves in similar situations. Somerville's confession shows how strong our biases can overcome us. We may think that being in interracial relationships, having interracial friends or being raised in interracial families automatically erase these biases, but some are deeply embedded in us that we have no idea we have them until we encounter some form of trigger- like Somerville did.

In conclusion, he hopes that opening up about his incident will make people think about their biases... (and hopefully address them) coz "We ALL have them. And the only way to eliminate them. Is to realize that they are there in the first place."

Do you consider yourself racially tolerant then one day you realized 'WTF! I have certain biases!!???' Share with us...

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  1.   NYGriego says:
    Posted: 01 Oct 16

    Isn't this the same TV station who reported bang ding ow as a pilot on that deadly Asian flight a few years ago?

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  2.   carmel4luv says:
    Posted: 06 Sep 16

    Good story

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  3.   pudden says:
    Posted: 03 Sep 16

    Yes it is possible, when u expect the worst and something beautiful happens........trisha

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  4. Posted: 02 Sep 16

    It's was a moving story. I believe we all have some type of bias against people of different race, sex, and sometimes religion. The fact that he was able to recognize, acknowledge, and hopefully learned from this experience is a step in the right direction. Most people don't realize they are being bias to people of the same race. As a black woman, I'm always watching my surroundings. I would have jump to that conclusion but for the simple reason she's a woman. I might have noticed he was with his child because I "peiplWith so much violence in the world, skin color doesn't make a person any more or less likely to commit a crime. There's murders, rapists, and sociopaths in every color of the rainbow.

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