Do you date interracially because your race is less masculine/feminine for you?

Posted by Ando, 13 Dec 12

Racial stereotypes continue to affect the Americans in all sectors of life – and dating hasn’t been left out. A recent study dubbed “Gendered Race”, which examines the connection between race and gender, shows how stereotypes can affect both the personal and professional choices we make in our lives. So what is this “Gendered Race” phenomenon? Does this make bmww wmlw or ambw dating a weird situation?

In the U.S. some races are considered more masculine or more feminine than others. For instance, the Asian ethnic group is perceived as more feminine compared to Whites and Blacks. On the other hand, African Americans are considered as a more masculine group, followed by Whites and then Asians. This is according to a research by Adam Galinsky, the Vikram S. Pandit Professor of Business at Columbia Business School. His research also shows how genderizing race has great consequences for interracial marriage, athletic contribution and the leaders we select. “… we found a substantial overlap between the contents of racial and gender stereotypes”, wrote Galinsky in his study.

The research showed the implications this association of race and gender has for heterosexual romantic relationships. Ideally, men are more inclined to date women who portray the feminine ideal while women prefer to date masculine men. In the interracial dating world, Galinsky showed that more men of all races are attracted to Asian women in comparison to black women, with women being more attracted to black men relative to Asian men. All this was dependent on how much a man or woman valued masculinity or femininity. The more a woman valued masculinity, the more likely she found Black men more attractive; the less likely she was attracted to Asian men. The same applied to the case of men, with attraction to femininity driving the gap of attraction to Asian women as opposed to Black women.

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According Galinsky’s research, these things happen in real life. Looking at the 2000 US census data, he found a similar pattern among interracial marriages:

"… among black-white marriages, 73 percent had a black husband and a white wife, while among Asian-white marriages, 75 percent had a white husband and an Asian wife. An even more pronounced pattern emerged in Asian-black marriages, in which 86 percent had a black husband and an Asian wife"

In conclusion, Galinsky says: "This research shows that the intersection of race and gender has important real-world consequences. Considering the overlap between racial and gender stereotypes – our gendered race perspective – opens up new frontiers for understanding how stereotypes impact the important decisions that drive our most significant outcomes at work and at home."

Question is: Has the gendered race perspective affected your dating decisions? Is this why you date interracially?

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  1.   Kristina30 says:
    Posted: 29 Dec 12

    I have dated one white guy in my whole life. It was good. I am just more into black men. Its all about personalities for me. Black men and I just get along better. It is what it is.

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  2.   Brunsugah says:
    Posted: 28 Dec 12

    I like strong alpha males and whilst I find that black men are very alpha they have lacked the soft romantic side I seek as well.... so I date interracially.

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  3.   28288 says:
    Posted: 28 Dec 12

    Ever heard the word opposites attract? Well, I can't really figure out why I am attracted to whites, probably they are more romantic and affectionate, and better communication with them. I just can't explain it but I'm more sexually drawn to a white male than men from my race or other.

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  4.   Nordicia says:
    Posted: 22 Dec 12

    Not sure how much I can attest these finding as the factors of masculinity was never the deciding factor that drove this everlasting attraction towards white men for me. It is a simple matter of attraction and other factors that are of high importance to me such as a man who will enjoy spending valuable time with his lady just as much as being around "his boys." White men tend to be more family orientated and more emotional available. My personal observation, if you were to head out to a base-ball game or a night club, a black man would surely rather attend with his boys, even if he has a stale relationship. It’s often times not seen as an event where he can take his partner have fun even if it is also in the companion of "the boys." While black men might be perceived to be more masculine then other races, as per the article they far lesser affectionate then their white counter-part. I Might I add that one may seem to be this "macho man" and lacks all those attributes of what masculinity should be.

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  5.   dravenborne says:
    Posted: 21 Dec 12

    Wow, this article surprises me. I am a white male and only dated white women that displayed very feminine characteristics. Until I dated a black woman and was shocked at how much more feminine she was than all the white women I had dated. I have dated black women exclusively ever since because across the board I find black women to be way more feminine than white women. I feel it derives from young black girls watching their mothers maintain their skin and hair. Since maintaining appearance is more involved for black women, it comes as no surprise that they quickly learn to embrace other feminine traits like makeup and fashion. I see it all too common today to find white women dressing more like lazy men wearing pants or sweats, maintaining their hair less and less, and the majority are usually clueless to makeup application. In my experience black women can pull off flashier brighter styles, while making such a wider variety of hair styles attractive. I do feel the article is right in that we tend to find opposite races more feminine or masculine. I just don't agree with the research.

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  6.   ScorpioOx_4 says:
    Posted: 20 Dec 12

    I've always been drawn to people who are different from myself so therefore I've always been open to dating interracially. I don't think there is any one particular reason for me, other than it's what I prefer.

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  7. Posted: 20 Dec 12

    Think that's all a little bit bonkers, really cannot believe that anybody considers black women less feminine, more likely to be a case of men seeking a compliant partner and as Asian ladies are culturally groomed to acquiesce to the male the natural consequence is that some males find this attractive. We come in all colours, shapes and sizes, some of which we find attractive others not, that’s just the way things are.

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  8.   tuacadoll says:
    Posted: 14 Dec 12

    I have returned to dating interracially because even though men will be men all across the board, I have found better treatment, more openess, more romance and more communication. I am not sure WHY the major difference but I prefer it

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  9. Posted: 14 Dec 12

    Well, I've always dated black men. However I've always been attracted to other races, particularly white. I grew up with a father who was very vocal about his)disapproval of dating interracially. I never did until I was about 23. Now I'm open to all races but sexually more attracted to white men. Go figure. My dad made it a forbidden fruit. :--

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