Do men prefer their women to have real bodies (flaws and all)?

Posted by James, 07 May

perfect bodyShe walked into the room and captured the attention of most men. She was a vivacious redhead with a slender body; and the orange dress she wore did her every bit of justice. And for this guy who was present at the party, the sparks were undeniable. So they arranged a meeting, one thing led to another and before long, they were groping each other in some hallway; until his hand fumbled her chest and…

He froze. Implant bag!? Fake boobs!? All along, this guy was anticipating flesh… ALL flesh! Lemme just say after she noticed him acting all weird, every thing went down hill and he found himself in his car going home. “Was I really going to let plastic surgery get in the way of my search for love—again?”, actor Gabriel Olds wondered.

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Much as plastic surgery is a woman’s choice, some men find it hard to see past it. Sometimes it makes them question the woman and who she truly is as an individual. See, a lot of women are going the nip and tuck way; and men are partially to blame for this. But much as men are that superficial - lusting after every perfect body on Playboy Magazine or Sports illustrated - most of us have a problem dealing with surgically perfected bodies of women in our lives.

Sometimes, all men want is to be with a woman who can worship herself and her body as opposed to those that change their bodies to rectify some teenage body issues or to make themselves be more attractive to men... women who celebrate beauty as opposed to those who are obsessed with trying to fix some body part.

Much as surgery might make a woman look curvier or much prettier, it somehow shows a lack of confidence in her part. But this doesn’t mean everyone who has had some work done comes with Psychological baggage.

May be this is not a sentiment most men share but for me, there is nothing as thrilling as touching a woman’s au naturel body. It may not be what we see flaunted on music videos but it’s real. Well Gabriel Odds says women don’t understand that “When a guy falls in love, his lover’s body parts become bewitching. I’m not going to tell you that our heads don’t turn when we see a stacked blond walking down the street. But when we fall for you—really, really fall for you—you hijack our sense of beautiful. What’s sexy to us? You—in the “before” picture.”

What would you do if you dated a woman for more than a year only to realize she has been keeping a plastic surgery secret from you? Is plastic surgery a deal breaker for you

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  1.   SugahRush says:
    Posted: 15 Sep 11

    Each of you gentlemen have made valid points, without exception. You're to be applauded for your thoughtfulness and consideration. Gotta love it and listen when a thoughtful man speaks. The question, 'Do men prefer their women to have real bodies, (flaws and all?). Experience & observation tells me that men prefers that "HER body be HIS...exclusively. Flaws are only visible to a CRITIC. In the arms and heart of a beloved Beholder, they become little more than "signatures on a Masterpiece". Gotta love the Artistry and the Artist's Interpretation, huh? The Sugah, The Rush

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  2.   AngelusFury says:
    Posted: 30 May 11

    Not a deal breaker for me...why do people bodybuild? To enhance their physique. Im not a breast man so perhaps its different fr me. Imperfections AND perfections may enter. just my opinion.

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  3.   Hodda says:
    Posted: 18 May 11

    Personally, I do. In my opinion, (from a spiritual aspect )God made us the way we are, in his perfect image. For us to alter that is almost like saying Thank you God but No, Thank you! I believe in you, will go to church, praise you, live right by you, but in this department where you created me in your image. You made a mistake, so let me correct that flaw you've made. Somethings just not right with that picture. Red flags are thrown up about insecurity issues simply put.

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    • BlackSaint78 says:
      Posted: 20 May 11

      Absolutely!! God made you perfect!! Plastic surgery is no good. If you had the surgery to help with an injury, that's different.

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  4.   shanegkess1 says:
    Posted: 17 May 11

    They both have their advantages. The great shape of the fake one can get you ready to go sometimes just from the mere sight of it, twenty feet away. Not many naturals can do that. But overall yes, natural is always the healthier and simpler way to go in this world, from the food you eat to the medicine you take to the lady you touch.

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  5.   akyn001 says:
    Posted: 11 May 11 breaker? may be yes but should there be medical reasons adduced to it would not feel to bad about it...however personally i don't dig it at all......makes the whole thing unreal.

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    • help4u says:
      Posted: 12 May 11

      Hey, First off if a woman can't be herself in her own body somthing is wrong in her head I don't don't myself like to touch a fake breast.t never feel the same as a real one besides the real one can feel warm all over where the fake cannot! So there you have it, ral is the only way to go!!

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