Dating Latina? Consider these few tips...

Posted by Juan, 08 Feb 16

From their luscious dark hair, to their tanned looking skin; the passion they exude – and don’t get me started on their exotic accent - , Latina men and women are simply desirable. Don’t you just love watching the likes of Antonio Banderas or Salma Hayek on TV?

Well apparently when it comes to romantic relationships, Latina men and women are known to be very romantic; dating them is an exhilarating experience you will want to write home about.

I must admit that the above are generalized stereotypes which don’t always hold water. We all know that most people fall and stay in love, not because of the stereotypes associated with a particular race and ethnicity, but because of the great qualities that an individual possesses.

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That said, those of us who have dated Latina men and women do believe that there are certain traits that are common among them. And knowing some of these things could help someone who is attracted to a Latina (and has never dated one) have a rough understanding about them before they begin dating them.

First off, you need to understand how family and culture shape an individual’s beliefs and values. For instance, Latinas are known to take their families at heart. They tend to be very loyal to their parents and families in general. Much as this is an admirable trait, if not careful, family may come in between your relationship (and trust me, most of the time they mean well).

Another thing about their beliefs is that most of them are devout Catholics. So if you are from a different denomination, this is something you need to discuss if you are planning on having a serious relationship, say marriage, because it might even affect choices like which school the children attend or where the wedding will take place.

Apparently, most Latina women, especially those who have been raised in South America, are raised in the traditional way. Most of them are raised to treat a man right – from cooking for them, tending to their every need and they tend to be very loyal to their men too. Apparently they are also groomed to appear shy when it comes to romantic matters.

Latino men on the other hand expect their women to do the above; cook, look after them… This however isn’t standard. It varies with an individual. They are also known to be very romantic and passionate; sweeping you off your feet. But beware not to mistake casual flirting with the romantic kind because they are known to be very expressive and flirtatious in nature.

And one other thing… take a dancing class because these men and women really know and love dancing. I have never seen people who are so passionate about dancing like they are. Once you consider some of things – taking into account the person’s individuality, I believe you will have an exhilarating experience dating Latinas.

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  1.   NYGriego says:
    Posted: 07 Apr 16

    Good advice. But you forgot the main rule... Don't piss them off! LOL..

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