Crazy Advice: Date Someone Who Treats You Terribly!?

Posted by James, 30 May

“You should date someone who treats you like complete sh*t.”


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This ought to be interesting. I had to read the article by Kendra Syrdal and see where she was going with that advice. I mean, who in their right mind would give such advice?

Now, Syrdal advices that we should date someone who treats us badly even if we know they do.

“Find someone who never texts you back and always lets you initiate plans and never makes an effort. Find someone who belittles you and makes you question their feelings because they can never be bothered to take two seconds to tell you. Find someone who uses you and who makes you feel disposable and who can never seem to be there when you actually need them. Be with someone who doesn’t care about your needs, your wants, your ambitions, your thoughts. Find someone who never asks about your family and disappoints you repeatedly and never says they’re sorry. Find someone who doesn’t care about you.

Find someone who treats you like shit.”

And she even says, you fall in love with them completely! And justify their bad behavior and convince yourself that someday, they will change.

So what is the whole point of all this?

Then when you get your heart broken by such a person, sit down and analyze their behavior. Think hard about the relationship. Think if you had done things differently, would they have changed and loved you better?

Apparently, once you dust yourself up and are ready to move on, you will go for the best. You will realize your worth and know what you deserve. You will never make excuses or ignore bad behavior. Instead, you will be stronger and never take sh*t!

“Because when you date someone who treats you like sh*t, you’ll realize how you ACTUALLY want to be treated... you’ll never let someone ever treat you like anything less than amazing, ever again."

Does it make sense? Would you follow this crazy advice?

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  1.   Roses_89 says:
    Posted: 03 Jun 18

    I wouldn’t find someone purposely to treat me badly. But! I can say that without trying it did end up with someone just like this and now most time I tell myself it’s not even worth trying again, it makes you feel like no matter how someone makes you feel they always have a hidden agenda. So I think that’s not the best advice. No woman wants time wasted or to give herself to more than one man, they always dream of meeting Mr.Perfect from the beginning. We value our bodies a lot and don’t want to just excercise with more than one man lol but unfortunately most men will eventually treat you like sh*t no matter how perfect you are. Men change after the honeymoon so basically after being treat that way it’s hard to even give another chance because you know your worth but you don’t want to go through the heartache again.... not sure if I’m making any sense lol

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  2.   Dark_Enjeru says:
    Posted: 30 May 18

    No, at least not fully. Many people already have a tough time in finding the kind of person they are looking for without intentionally putting themselves in front of a metaphorical freight trunk, going 60MPH, that is a person treating them terribly in a relationship. It seems this advice assumes that people think, feel and react the same about relationships (good or bad) and does not take into consideration that a person may not have the emotional maturity and experience to be able to sit back and analyze what happened in a terrible relationship or that the person may experience hypersensitivity and shut themselves off to good people who for example play video games, because the last person who treated horribly played video games and neglected them. All in all do I think this advice will work for some? Sure it might, but I think the probability of success has a very low turn out. I think there are more efficient paths towards finding someone who will not treat you terribly.

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