Couple Evicted Because Husband is Black

Posted by Juan, 07 Apr 16

Late February, Erica Dunahoo, 40, who is Hispanic and Native American, and her husband Stanley Hoskins, 37, who is African American were evicted from a trailer park in Mississippi. She says the reason for the eviction is because her husband is black.

When they were renting the property, the landlord was very nice to them.“Couldn’t ask for no better,” Dunahoo said. The next day, Dunahoo received a phone call from an upset Baker saying: "You didn’t tell me you was married to no black man."; to which she replied: "Mr. Baker, I didn’t think it was important or a problem."

Baker continued: "Oh, it’s a big problem, the people at my church, the community, my mother-in-law, they won’t have that black and white shacking".

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Dunahoo replied: "We’re not shacking, we’re married.’"

Baker refunded them their rent money and evicted them.

But when Baker spoke to USA Today, he denied having a problem with the couple being mixed race; that his neighbors are the ones with the problem saying: "The neighbours were giving me such a problem.The best thing you can do is what the neighbours want to do.”

Dunahoo was forced to find another place to live and find a new school for their daughter. She also reported the incident to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People who are now investigating the matter because under the Fair Housing Act, it’s illegal for a landlord to evict a tenant based on their skin colour.

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  1. Posted: 30 Jun 16

    They were lucky they were refunded the money. But they should sue the hell out of that trailer, the landlord, and other proprietors associated with that trailer park.

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  2.   EllaRoxanna says:
    Posted: 17 Apr 16

    The wife is a White Hispanic, so she is acceptable. Open racism is alive and well in the Deep South. At least the couple knows where they stand!

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