Could hiding what you believe to be queer be stopping you from finding love online?

Posted by James, 11 May

Ever got the comment "You are too _______ for anyone to fall in love with you"?

Well, such are the comments that make us censor bits of our personalities that we feel aren’t quite conventional from our online dating profiles. But have you ever stopped to think that may be… just may be, that censoring is the reason why 4 years down the line, you are still hoping from one online dating site to another hoping to find love?

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Well, looking at some of the couples who are soo in love, some of these individuals possess those characteristics that people always claim are just "too much" for love and yet, they are in relationships. Makes you wonder why you in your normal nature are still single; makes you feel like life is quite unfair. Well don’t.

See, the more I came across mis-matched couples – be it physically or personality wise - the more I came to realize that no matter what, there is someone out there who will love you just as you are. There is someone out there who will balance out your "out of this world" personality. And that’s just how love works.

People keep faulting successful. ballsy women for being single. If anything, most of them feel they are probably too successful to ever meet a man who won’t be intimidated by them having a pair. Well, not all men think like this. Just because some men thought that about you doesn’t mean you lump the rest of us in that category. Some of us just love our women strong, powerful and successful.

The thing is: no one can ever be too unconventional for love. You cant keep believing that you are too unique or too queer for anyone to ever fall in love with you. See you just have to believe that the right person will love you for exactly who you are. And that personality that you think is too much for love, is what will attract her/him to you. Those things about you that you are busy trying to hide from your online profile could just be the things that your right man or woman is looking for in a spouse.

Talk about your weird passions online. Talk about your eccentric personality. Talk about your success. Just put that "too much about you out there. Because that uniqueness about you is what makes you YOU. The right person will be attracted to you because of it. And if you have to hide it to meet love, then that isn’t the kind of love you should be looking for; that isn’t the kind of love you want to bank on; or is it now?

Your uniqueness isn’t an obstacle to love. Just start seeing it as a plus in your life and put it out there. If after a while no one seems to like it, then you haven’t bumped into the right person YET!

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  1.   nika23 says:
    Posted: 14 May 12

    I found it weird that they used the word queer in here, no disrespect to homosexuals, but the title threw me a bit. I believe it's best to find someone who will appreciate me for me, than someone who wants a fake version of me. I do my best to show my true self because I am not into being a facade, because eventually the real me will come out and the real me may not be compatible with the other person. I always find it difficult to write about the real me without writing too much to turn someone off from reading my profile. It's hard to describe oneself in a brief paragraph or two. You never know you write that will pique someone's interest, but I try my best.

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