Bogus sex! License to cheat?

Posted by James, 13 Apr

Bad sexWhen you find yourself in love – so much in love – and starved for not just sex, but some mind blowing sex, it gets tricky. Its easier to deal with such a situation when you are falling out of love.

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But here you are, still in love with a spouse who – once upon a time – was soooo great in the sack then came the kids, mortgage, working two jobs to pay the mortgage and... bam! You are stuck with sloppy sex, someone with a low sex drive blamed on stresses of life or someone who just doesn’t see the need to put an effort to it (you know the “Are you still on top?” kind of thing) and don’t forget STILL SO IN LOVE!

And much as you have tried everything from being supportive to therapy, nothing seems to change things and sex starvation is killing you. Should this be a license to cheat or is there another approach (and don’t say take matters into your own hands ;-) )

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  1. Posted: 29 Apr 12

    There is no licence to cheat, ever. Though sex is important in a relationship your integrity is equally so. You say "still so in love"? So which is stronger, your heart or your loins?

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  2.   sodominican says:
    Posted: 20 Apr 12

    I agreed don't put yourself in a situation that will have you cheating on your lame spouse or significant other. If you can be brazen enough to cheat be brave enough to discuss sex or lack there of with your partner. If you cheat and tell about it is is like breaking someone's heart and then bragging! Don't tell just make sure the kid is not yours or you did not catch a disease. I f your spouse wants to know chances are she already knows!

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  3.   allie777 says:
    Posted: 17 Apr 12

    Yeah I agree with above comment. The lack of love in the sex life etc is only a symptom of deeper issues around a couple and individuals in the relationship. If you are tending to think of elsewhere for that satisfaction then thats a sign you've lost respect for your partner and your relationship. Fix the underlying problems or find new lives for each other. Cheating would be a dealbreaker anyway and ONLY leads to regret,guilt,hurt.sorrows and resentment. Nothing positive there bro.

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  4. Posted: 16 Apr 12

    You are better off talking to your mate about your unhappiness. If it does not work out leave and then do what you want. Cheating is ugly and always leads to hurt feeling. I think this was is less painful in the long run.

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