Blind date with culture

Posted by James, 06 Mar

Blind dates... heard them... done them. You have no idea what to expect. Its like a blind man getting some miracle of his sight back. Then he realizes what the F*** ... 'my life's always been better'. Well... this is what most of us end up saying once we are done. Some run like the dude on the featured video.

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When you come face to face for the first time with some culture that is different from your own, its similar. Blind date with culture. They call it a “culture shock"?. Well trust me, some cultures are weird enough to send you running.

Imagine if this is what happened every time our forefathers came into contact with people who are of different culture than them... Imagine if they all ran away from both the good and the bad? Would we all have grown or evolved like we have? Hell no!! I know its hard to stand some things in life because we have our principles and all. But am sure that lady in the video had a good side to her… she probably did whatever she did out of being nervous. And maybe given the chance, the bad could be moulded into something appealing for the guy.

Lesson: Give second chances to every cultural blind date. It may bring some reawakening moments and spice into your life…

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 11 May 10

    I'm not sure what the video has to do with the concept expressed in the posting. Even so, I agree that open-mindedness and acceptance are key to any first encounter.

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