Bella Hadid is the New Face of Nike

Posted by James, 18 Nov 16

The least surprising news of the day is that Bella Hadid is the brand new face of Nike. The only question is, “why has this taken so long?”

If there’s one person to make sportswear or, to use the new buzzword – athleisure, look good, it’s going to be Bella Hadid.

Bella and Gigi Hadid

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Both Bella Hadid and sister Gigi dare more often than not seen out an about town in the latest and greatest pieces of athleisure (get used to seeing and saying it, this word is here to stay!). So this partnership seems like the perfect fit.

Bella posted a picture of herself standing by her Nike billboard on Instagram, with the following caption:

“So excited to announce that I am OFFICIALLY PART OF THE NIKE FAMILY! More coming very soon."

What does she mean by “more”, we wonder? Could a full on collaboration be on the cards? Sister Gigi has collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on her own collection of clothing. So could Bella be following in her footsteps with Nike?

Only time will tell, so watch this space!

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